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We're on a Mission to Change
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The name, "BUDIPLUS" is an extraction from the word, "BUDDY" which means FRIENDSHIP and "PLUS" which means EXTRA.

Real Estate Management

We are building a real estate for everyone.

Property Management

Expert in property management and property development.

What We Stand For

As the name implies, we are a registered Real Estate Firm with the best team, passionate about solving all real estate challenges, building more than an extra friendship between us and our clients in order to create a more comfortable and convenient environment for business transactions, redefining and creating a sustainable system that facilitates success, comfortability and generational wealth in the real estate industry.


At BUDIPLUS PROPERTIES LIMITED, our focus is to change the narrative, modernize and ease the process of all sectors in the real estate firm, such as buying, selling, renting and leasing of properties.




– House Agents
– Property Managers
– Real Estate Developers
– Real Estate Brokers
– Sales Managers
– Real Estate Coaches


We play broker roles like helping clients find the right properties, price negotiations and management of sales with confidentiality.


We also specialize in educating people on the various job opportunities that the Real Estate industry offers, coaching, attending to all accommodation and property issues and offering the smartest, most digitalised and most reliable solutions to our clients, with a high level of transparency, professionalism and integrity.


Our services include Project supervision, Property management, Facilitation of C of O, Property Legal services, Transparent transactions, and Property consultancy for Abians and DIASPORA ABIANS.




Empowering our Team to deliver the best services with a high level of experience, expertise and confidentiality. Delivering the dream of home owners everywhere as we offer security, safety and opportunities for individuals.


The brand we are building is one that helps Real Estate Agents become more efficient and professional with their jobs. Our training prepares Agents to be better by utilizing exceptional techniques and systems.




– Being responsive and available
– Embracing fresh ideas and bold thinking
– Transparency and confidentiality between our brand and our clients.
– Paying attention to details and our clients’ needs respectively.
– Accountability and digitalization.
– Providing the best solutions.


We are unified in carrying out our Services with a high level of professionalism. We are dedicated to providing world-class services and market-leading expertise to our clients. Providing consistently impressive results is the signature of our service.


Our goal is to change the narrative in the real estate industry through superior talent, proven systems and revolutionary technology, as we value visionary thinking, profitability and hard work, driven by a passion for Success.




We aim to emerge as the most digitalized and most reliable real estate outfit in Nigeria in the next five years, to equally be the biggest solution providers in the industry.




Our Team is made up of Young, vibrant, creative and experienced staff who pay attention to even the tiniest details and are passionate about growth and success.




– Commercial Property Owners
– Real Estate Investors
– Empty Nesters
– Potential property buyers and sellers in Nigeria and Diaspora
– and many more…

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