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Searching for an apartment can take months if you’re following a traditional timeline, starting a few months before your desired move-in date, giving you plenty of time to tour potential neighborhoods and apartments. However, what if you’re in a rush, need to find an apartment quickly, or your ideal job start date is set in stone?

The days of relying on agents to find apartments for people or spending infinite time looking for apartments on one’s own until one ends up with little to no option but to accept a less ideal choice and location are long gone.

Today, that is no longer the case, as you can find almost anything online, even apartments and other properties in real estate. The internet has made it very easy for one to be in a faraway city and get a beautiful apartment or property in another city without having to spend so much on mobility.

All you need to do is get hooked with a registered and trusted real estate firm (agent) and follow up to get their weekly listings of available properties for rent, leases, sales, etc. Contact them directly and state exactly your desired location and apartment. Drop them your contact address, email, and all necessary information. Follow you, and you are good to go!

This will also help you explore and discover the different types of apartments for rent in all the different areas of Abia. Be it a mini-flat, self-contained apartments, bedroom flats, duplexes, furnished and serviced apartments, etc.


  • Conduct a thorough inventory of the property to rent to identify defects.
  • Know what your agent is charging you for.
  • Find out how much you will need to pay in advance.
  • Find out if the location is accessible and motorable.
  • Get to know the landlord through your professional agent.
  • Read the tenancy agreement thoroughly before signing.

NOTE: Apartments in Abia do not cost the same. For instance, rent in Aba is different from that in Umuahia. Same with Uzuakoli and many different parts of Abia.

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