Welcome to the BUDIPLUS page, where we share our daily market listings and nuggets. Today, sit right there with your glass of wine while you unfold the tips on how to be an incredible landlord. Remember, we are a real estate firm with a team of professionals whose top priority is to serve you better.

Being a landlord in Nigeria requires diligence, preparation, and a proactive approach. Having reputable tenants who take good care of the property is the most effective way of ensuring that it remains in good condition. As a landlord, these tips will help you stay on track:

  1. Empathize with your tenants, but don’t be too nice. It’s purely business. And business and pleasure don’t always match.
  2. Treat your house like a business. It’s like an office that brings you a stream of income. The thing is, a landlord who cannot maintain his car cannot maintain a house. Avoid unreasonable increments in rent.
  3. Thoroughly screen your tenants. Don’t just get carried away and give out houses to every Tom and Jerry. Some tenants are disastrous and harmful. They are like wild animals.
  4. Ensure there is a tenancy agreement.
  5. Research renal market trends when setting your price.
  6. Make your house habitable for humans. Ensure your tenants get value for their money, as they are humans and not animals.
  7. Ensure proper property management.
  8. Verify tenants’ jobs and sources of income for your safety and the safety of other tenants.
  9. Ensure the tenant is not in debt in their former houses.
  10. Be responsive to tenants needs. Try not to give tenants a reason to be agitated.
  11. Learn about landlord and tenant laws.
  12. Issue early reminders.
  13. Do not partake in illegal tenant evictions.

Landlords in Nigeria have to deal with all kinds of tenants. You might even encounter irresponsible people who don’t pay their rent when it’s due, deduct their utility fee from their rent, destroy your property, or even try to kill themselves in it.

At Budiplus Properties Limited, we can help you solve this issue by managing your property and screening the best Tenants for you.

Aside being Property Managers, we also render services like;

  • Facilitation of C of O
  • Real Estate Legal services
  • Brokerage
  • Real Estate training
  • Real estate Construction
  • We are also Property Developers and Agents.

As a Trusted and Transparent firm, we are here to help you through all your real estate challenges…

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